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13.1. Version 2020a (Released on 14 May 2020)


In a future release, we will ONLY deliver SUEWS along with SuPy as a command line tool suews-run: release of standalone SUEWS binaries will be stopped to ease our maintenance load and to facilitate rapid developments. Users will need to have Python 3.6+ to install SuPy:

python3 -m pip install -U supy

However, as the source code of SUEWS are public, users can feel free to compile standalone binaries for platforms of their own interests.

  • Improvement

    1. A ponding water scheme is added in the automatic irrigation calculation; useful when a certain depth of ponding water to maintain in irrigation (e.g., flooding irrigation in rice crop-field).

    2. Irrigation fraction can be specified for all surfaces (previously only available for vegetated surfaces)

    3. A U-shape approach for calculating HDD/CDD is introduced to account for a wide comfort zone between heating and cooling critical temperatures.

  • Changes

    1. A new RoughLenHeatMethod option 5: adaptively choose option 1 for fully pervious surface or 2 otherwise (if any impervious surface exists).

    2. A new column H_maintain is added in SUEWS_Irrigation.txt to set ponding water depth.

    3. New columns to specify irrigation fractions for non-vegetated surfaces in SUEWS_SiteSelect.txt.

    4. A new scheme option BaseTMethod in RunControl.nml to set calculation scheme for HDD/CDD.

  • Fix


  • Known issues

    1. Wind direction is not currently downscaled so non -999 values will cause an error.