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13.3. Version 2018c (released on 21 February 2019)

  • Improvement

    1. SuPy (SUEWS in Python): a Python-enhanced wrapper of SUEWS, which can facilitate a more fluent workflow of SUEWS-centred urban climate research. More details refer to SuPy documentation site.

    2. Improved benchmark report: More testing sites are added thanks to an automated benchmark report system.

  • Changes


  • Fix

    1. Fixed a bug in LAI calculation for longterm runs.

    2. Fixed a bug in net all-wave radiation differential calculation for OHM.

    3. Fixed water redistribution bug in snow module.

  • Known issues

    1. BLUEWS is disabled

    2. Observed soil moisture can not be used as an input

    3. Wind direction is not currently downscaled so non -999 values will cause an error.