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4.4. Meteorological Input File

SUEWS is designed to run using commonly measured meteorological variables.

  • Required inputs must be continuous – i.e. gap fill any missing data.

  • Temporal information (i.e., iyidit and imin should be in local time.

  • The table below gives the must-use (MU) and optional (O) additional input variables.

  • If an optional input variable is not available or will not be used by the model, enter ‘-999.0’ for this column.

  • Since v2017a forcing files no longer need to end with two rows containing ‘-9’ in the first column.

  • One single meteorological file can be used for all grids (MultipleMetFiles=0 in RunControl.nml, no grid number in file name) if appropriate for the study area, or

  • separate met files can be used for each grid if data are available (MultipleMetFiles=1 in RunControl.nml, filename includes grid number).

  • The meteorological forcing file names should be appended with the temporal resolution in minutes (SS_YYYY_data_tt.txt, or SSss_YYYY_data_tt.txt for multiple grids).

  • Separate met forcing files should be provided for each year.

  • Files do not need to start/end at the start/end of the year, but they must contain a whole number of days.

  • The meteorological input file should match the information given in SUEWS_SiteSelect.txt.

  • If a partial year is used that specific year must be given in SUEWS_SiteSelect.txt.

  • If multiple years are used, all years should be included in SUEWS_SiteSelect.txt.

  • If a whole year (e.g. 2011) is intended to be modelled using and hourly resolution dataset, the number of lines in the met data file should be 8760 and begin and end with:

    iy     id  it  imin
    2011   1   1   0 …
    2012   1   0   0 …

4.4.1. SSss_YYYY_data_tt.txt

Main meteorological data file.

No. Use Column Name Description
1 MU iy Year [YYYY]
2 MU id Day of year [DOY]
3 MU it Hour [H]
4 MU imin Minute [M]
5 O qn Net all-wave radiation [W m-2] Required if NetRadiationMethod = 0.
6 O qh Sensible heat flux [W m-2]
7 O qe Latent heat flux [W m-2]
8 O qs Storage heat flux [W m-2]
9 O qf Anthropogenic heat flux [W m-2]
10 MU U Wind speed [m s-1] Height of the wind speed measurement (z) is needed in SUEWS_SiteSelect.txt.
11 MU RH Relative Humidity [%]
12 MU Tair Air temperature [°C]
13 MU pres Barometric pressure [kPa]
14 MU rain Rainfall [mm]
15 MU kdown Incoming shortwave radiation [W m-2] Must be > 0 W m-2.
16 O snow Snow cover fraction (0 – 1) [-] Required if SnowUse = 1
17 O ldown Incoming longwave radiation [W m-2]
18 O fcld Cloud fraction [tenths]
19 O Wuh External water use [m3]
20 O xsmd Observed soil moisture [m3 m-3] or [kg kg-1]
21 O lai Observed leaf area index [m-2 m-2]
22 O kdiff Diffuse radiation [W m-2] Recommended in this version. if SOLWEIGUse = 1
23 O kdir Direct radiation [W m-2] Recommended in this version. if SOLWEIGUse = 1
24 O wdir Wind direction [°] Not available in this version.