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14. Acknowledgements

14.1. Contributors

Name Affiliation Contributions Versions Remarks
Prof Sue Grimmond University of Reading, UK; prior: Indiana University, USA, King’s College London, UK, University of British Columbia, Canada OHM, Evaporation-Interception, Resistances, NARP, irrigation, anthropogenic heat, etc v2011b – v2019a Team Leader
Dr Ting Sun University of Reading, UK AnOHM; Documentation system; WRF-SUEWS coupling; SuPy (python wrapper of SUEWS) v2017b – v2019a Current Lead Developer
Dr Leena Järvi University of Helsinki, Finland Snow-related physics; Anthropogenic emission calculation, CO2 v2011b – v2019a Lead Developer of v2011b – v2014b
Dr Helen Ward University of Reading, UK OHM improvement; Resistance calculation; Anthropogenic heat calculation v2016a - v2017b Lead Developer of v2016a - v2017
Dr Fredrik Lindberg Göteborg University, Sweden UMEP-related work, NARP, ESTM v2011b – v2019a Lead Developer of UMEP
Dr Hamidreza Omidvar University of Reading, UK WRF-SUEWS coupling; Documentation system v2018c – v2019a Major contributor to WRF(v4.0)-SUEWS(v2018c) coupling
Minttu P. Havu University of Helsinki, Finland CO2 v2018c – v2019a  
Dr Zhenkun Li Shanghai Climate Centre, China WRF-SUEWS coupling v2018b – v2018c Major contributor to WRF(v3.9)-SUEWS(v2018b) coupling
Yihao Tang University of Reading, UK Stability, air temperature v2018b - v2018c  
Dr Shiho Onomura Göteborg University, Sweden BLUEWS, ESTM v2016a  
Dr Thomas Loridan King’s College London, UK NARP v2011a  
Dr Brian Offerle Indiana University, USA ESTM, NARP v2011a  

14.2. Dependency Libraries


We gratefully acknowledge the libraries/code that SUEWS uses as dependency and greatly appreciate their developers for the excellent work. Please let us know if any inapproriate use of these code and we will remove/modify the related parts accordingly.

Library Remarks
datetime-fortran date and time related processsing
minpack AnOHM-related sinusoidal curve fitting
Recursive Fortran 95 quicksort routine netCDF output for QGIS-compliant grid layout
Fortran Strings Module by Dr George Benthien string processing

14.3. Funding


The following grants are acknowledged for their contribution to model development (D) and/or supportive observations (O).

Funder Project D , O
UKRI GCRF Urban Disaster Risk Hub D
Newton/Met Office CSSP-China (AJYG-DX4P1V HRC,AJYF-2GLAMK EUN, others) D, O
NERC ClearfLo Clean Air for London NE/H003231/1 O
NERC/Belmont TRUC NE/L008971/1, G8MUREFU3FP-2201-075 D, O
EPSRC LoHCool Low carbon climate-responsive Heating and Cooling of Cities EP/N009797/1 D
NERC Independent Research Fellowship D
NSF BCS-0095284, ATM-0710631, BCS-0221105 D, O
EPSRC Data Assimilation for the REsilient City (DARE) EP/P002331/1 O
Royal Society/Newton Mobility funding O
H2020 UrbanFluxes (637519) D, O
EUf7 BRIDGE (211345) D, O
EUf7 emBRACE (283201) D, O
University of Reading Sue Grimmond O, D
KCL Sue Grimmond O
EPSRC EP/I00159X/1 EP/I00159X/2 Materials Innovation Hub: Connecting Materials Culture to Materials Science O
NERC Field Spectroscopy Facility (FSF) 616.1110 Investigating the Urban Energy Balance of London O
EUf7 MEGAPOLI 212520 D
NERC Airborne Remote Sensing Facility & Field Spectroscopy Facility (GB08/19) O
CFCAS Environmental Prediction for Canadian Cities D, O