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7. Recent publications


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topic:Application and evalution in cold climates. Implications of warming
citation:Järvi L, S Grimmond, JP McFadden, A Christen, I Strachan, M Taka, L Warsta, M Heimann 2017: Warming effects on the urban hydrology in cold climate regions Scientific Reports 7: 5833
topic:Downscaling climate (rainfall) data to 1 h
citation:Kokkonen T, CSB Grimmond, O Räty, HC Ward, A Christen, T Oke, S Kotthaus, L Järvi 2017: Sensitivity of Surface Urban Energy and Water Balance Scheme (SUEWS)
topic:for example applications:
citation:Ward HC, S Grimmond 2017: Using biophysical modelling to assess the impact of various scenarios on summertime urban climate across Greater London Landscape and Urban Planning 165, 142–161
topic:evaluation in Singapore and comparison with other urban land surface models
citation:Demuzere M, S Harshan, L Järvi, M Roth, CSB Grimmond, V Masson, KW Oleson, E Velasco H Wouters 2017: Impact of urban canopy models and external parameters on the modelled urban energy balance QJRMS, 143, Issue 704, Part A, 1581–1596
topic:Evaluation of SUEWS model
citation:Ward HC, Kotthaus S, Järvi L and Grimmond CSB (2016) Surface Urban Energy and Water Balance Scheme (SUEWS): Development and evaluation at two UK sites. Urban Climate
topic:Evaluation of radiation in Shanghai
citation:Ao XY, CSB Grimmond, DW Liu, ZH Han, P Hu, YD Wang, XR Zhen, JG Tan 2016: Radiation fluxes in a business district of Shanghai JAMC, 55, 2451-2468
topic:Boundary layer modelling
citation:Onomura S, Grimmond CSB, Lindberg F, Holmer B & Thorsson S (2015) Meteorological forcing data for urban outdoor thermal comfort models from a coupled convective boundary layer and surface energy balance scheme Urban Climate, 11, 1-23
topic:Snow melt model development
citation:Järvi L, Grimmond CSB, Taka M, Nordbo A, Setälä H & Strachan IB 2014: Development of the Surface Urban Energy and Water balance Scheme (SUEWS) for cold climate cities Geosci. Model Dev. 7, 1691-1711

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