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13. Acknowledgements

  • Current contributors:

    Name Affiliation Contributions
    Dr Ting Sun, Current Lead Developer University of Reading, UK AnOHM; Documentation system; WRF-SUEWS coupling; SuPy (python wrapper of SUEWS)
    Dr Leena Järvi, Lead Developer University of Helsinki, Finland Snow-related physics; Anthropogenic emission calculation, CO2
    Prof C.S.B. Grimmond, Team Leader University of Reading; previously, Indiana University, USA, King’s College London, UK, University of British Columbia, Canada OHM, Evaporation-Interception, Resistances, NARP, irrigation, anthropogenic heat, etc
    Dr Fredrik Lindberg Göteborg University, Sweden UMEP-related work, NARP, ESTM
    Dr Zhenkun Li Shanghai Climate Centre, China WRF-SUEWS coupling
    Yihao Tang University of Reading Stability, air temperature
    Dr Helen Ward, Past Lead Developer University of Reading, UK OHM improvement; Resistance calculation; Anthropogenic heat calculation
  • Past Contributors:

    Name Affiliation Contributions
    Dr Shiho Onomura Göteborg University, Sweden BLUEWS, ESTM
    Dr Thomas Loridan King’s College London, UK NARP
    Dr Brian Offerle Indiana University, USA ESTM, NARP
  • Libraries/code that SUEWS uses as dependency:


    We gratefully acknowledge the libraries/code that SUEWS uses as dependency and greatly appreciate their developers for the excellent work. Please let us know if any inapproriate use of these code and we will remove/modify the related parts accordingly.

    Library Comments
    datetime-fortran date and time related processsing
    minpack AnOHM-related sinusoidal curve fitting
    Recursive Fortran 95 quicksort routine netCDF output for QGIS-compliant grid layout
    Fortran Strings Module by Dr George Benthien string processing
  • Funding to support development:

    Funder Project
    National Science Foundation (USA) BCS-0095284, ATM-0710631
    EU Framework 7 BRIDGE (211345)
    EUf7 emBRACE
    Newton/Met Office CSSP-China
    NERC ClearfLo
    NERC/Belmont TRUC
    H2020 UrbanFluxes
    EPSRC LoHCool
    NERC Independent Research Fellowship