SUEWS: Surface Urban Energy and Water Balance Scheme

Documentation Status


This documentation is being migrated from our previous wiki site to this new system. Also, some statements here may NOT be up to date as the model/software is under rapid development. Please report issues on the GitHub page.

  • How to get SUEWS?
The software can be downloaded via our GitHub page. The latest formal release of SUEWS is Version 2018a (released June 2018).
  • How to use SUEWS?

    • For existing users:

    For notable changes in this version, see Version 2018a (released June 2018). If such changes have impacts on your existing simulation, please read parts related to your simulation files under influence and make necessary changes to adapt them for the new version.


    A helper python script, SUEWS table converter, is provided to help facilitate the conversion of input files between different SUEWS versions.

    Additionally, the manuals for previous versions can be accessed in respective sections under Version History.

    • For new users:

    Before starting to perform SUEWS simulations, new users are suggested to first get an overview from Introduction, then follow the steps in Preparing to run the model to prepare input files for SUEWS.

    Besides, it is a good starting point to learn running SUEWS via the tutorial.

  • How has SUEWS been used?

The scientific details and application cases of SUEWS can be found in related papers under Recent publications.
  • How to cite SUEWS?

    Please cite this version as follows:

    Sun T, L Järvi, M Havu, HC Ward, S Onomura, F Lindberg, F Olofson, A Gabey, CSB Grimmond (2018). SUEWS Manual V2018a. Department of Meteorology, University of Reading, Reading, UK

  • How to support SUEWS?

    1. Cite SUEWS appropriately in your work.
    2. Contribute to the development.
    3. Report issues via the GitHub page.
    4. Provide suggestions and feedbacks.