SUEWS: Surface Urban Energy and Water Balance Scheme

The current version of SUEWS is v2017b. The software can be downloaded by completing this form.

This documentation site is regularly updated with new developments. For what’s new in this version, see New in SUEWS Version 2018a.

The latest formal release of SUEWS is v2017b (released 1 August 2017).

The manual for SUEWS v2017b can be accessed here and should be referenced as follows:

Ward HC, L Järvi, T Sun, S Onomura, F Lindberg, F Olofson, A Gabey, CSB Grimmond (2017). SUEWS Manual V2017b Department of Meteorology, University of Reading, Reading, UK

Please refer to Ward et al. (2017) for further details v2017a:

Ward HC, Yin San Tan, AM Gabey, S Kotthaus, WTJ Morrison, CSB Grimmond. Impact of temporal resolution of precipitation forcing data on modelled urban-atmosphere exchanges and surface conditions. International Journal of Climatology. doi: 10.1002/joc.5200


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